Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday!

Since I was a little naughty girl, I keep on dreaming a most glamorous 18th birthday. I want it to be the most perfect, unique, and most unforgettable of all birthdays that I’ve attended, that I’ve read from magazines and books, and even from the television and movies I’ve watch. I just keep on dreaming for a fairytale-like birthday party as what every little girl wishes to have.

Many years have pass, and as those years pass by, all those desires, all those dreams stay alive on my memory. As I’m turning towards 18th, I felt more so exited for what surprises could that day brought for me. It keeps on ruining my mind on to how could I perfectly celebrate it, with whom, and where. It is somewhat one the most awaited moment of my life. I don’t know how to explain through words the feeling that I felt, but I might say that “this is it’. It sounds like O.A, but that is simply what I feel.

When I turned 17th years young, the excitement I felt before boost up. One year to go, I’ll be celebrating my ideal birthday. And I’m wishing for the time to run as fast as it could ‘til it reaches my 18th birthday. But a thought came into my mind as my 17th birthday’s about to end. “There’s nothing new about my birthday celebration, still it is not that fantastic, not that glamorous. I just hang out with my classmates and friends. Received nothing for I’m not a little child anymore to be given something as a gift. My birthday used to like these.” And questions came up onto my mind. “Is my ideal birthday will still be granted? Should I expect for something to be perfect on my next birthday to come? Is my fairytale-like birthday will still happened?” I just find myself lying on my bed, and got no answer from those questions.

When the next night came, I got another thought on my mind. “Yes, dreaming is priceless, it’s free! I can dream as many dreams as I want. But those dreams could somehow stays as a dream for sometimes. It is not because I did nothing to achieve that dream, but because it is simply not intended for me.” I just smile while I’m crazily talking to myself, and I just realized that yes, not all things, not everything that I want to have, to experience, and go through my life are really intended for me. So whatever happens in the most awaited moment of my life, then be it. I must not ask and expect for more.

JANUARY 27, 2012. This is it! Cherry turned 18th. I’ve started my day with a prayer. Thanking GOD for the another year he have added into my life, for the blessings and graces I’ve received, for the persons with whom I’ll be celebrating my most special day and guiding me always. It felt so exciting to have a glance on my phone and find out who greeted me so early and who the first to greet is. Only to find out that it was my beloved Father. And I felt so touch that WOW! My father waited ‘til 12:00am just to be my first greeter. And I can’t held myself from being quiet emotional as I’ve read the novel messages I’ve received. The effort they’ve exerted on typing those novel messages. And I just felt so overwhelm, that I’ am loved by these persons so much. It was still the beginning of my day and yet I felt so complete already. And as I leave my boarding house, it seems that the day is smiling to me saying, “hey Cherry, it’s your day, you must be totally happy.”

The surprise doesn’t end from those sweet messages. As I arrived in school, I can’t anymore count onto how many greetings I’ve received. And again, it added to the happiness I felt. But then, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling as my classmates surprise me with a simple “SALO-SALO”, with a pink cake and drinks. I just don’t know how to thank them one by one for what they’ve done. That’s why, I couldn’t find for any reason that I should regret from thanking God for their presence into my life. Almost everyday, they keep on letting me feel that they’ve value me, they’ve accepted me, and that they appreciate my presence. And that’s the most priceless thing I ever had. We also celebrated and eat for another group of foods with Ma’am Cosadio. And even the day was about to end, the smile on my face remains the same since morning. I want to shout with the happiness I felt inside, for it was not just a simple birthday celebration. It might not be as glamorous as what I’m dreaming when I’m still a little girl, not as a fairytale-like story, no parties, no gifts, yet it was so great, perfect, memorable, and my most unforgettable birthday ever. I thought it requires 18 candles and 18 roses for an 18th birthday will be perfect. But no, it just requires a pure heart that expects nothing, accepts anything, and appreciates everything. I don’t need 18 candles for I’ve got neither more of it nor 18 roses for I have plenty of it.

And as I’m writing these words, it seems that I’m still celebrating my birthday right now. Because the happiness still linger on my mind. There’s nothing happier than to be with the persons I love and the persons who loves me as I celebrate My 18th birthday.. .


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