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The Cruel Brother with a Sweet Kind

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Frank pays no attention to what is being needed by his sister Diane. Frank is super obsessed to computer games and his friend. Diane is terribly shocked about the sudden change in the attitude of his big brother. Diane does the house hold chores and giving Frank the freedom to hang around with friends. 

The next morning, upon arriving home from school, Diane gives her big brother a hug. Frank on the other hand didn't like what
Diane just did. 

“Cant you see?! I’m busy with what I’m doing!! Can you please go in your room?”Frank shouted. Diane is now feeling like she wants to cry, so she went to her room and arrange the mess inside it. 

“Diane? Big brother is really sorry about what happened a while ago!! It’s not my intention to shout but I guise I’m really much hungry and I couldn't think properly.” Frank said in a very convincing gesture. Diane knows that her big brother is not telling the truth but for the great love she have for the remaining family she will not mind it anyway Frank is responsible…Sometimes… 

“It was nothing big brother!! It’s my fault that I surprised you! ” Diane said in a sad face. 

“Thank you Sis… Because I feel dizzy can you please do the kitchen tonight? I don’t feel like I can do it myself!” Again Diane noticed the assumption that she will accept the favor that was asked by Frank.
“No big deal to me, but in return big brother can you do my project? I don’t know how to do it…” Diane heartedly begs that her big brother will grant her favor. 

“When will be the due date of your project?” A moment she heard Frank asked, She respond “second week from now!” Diane answered. 

“Ok!! Still far. We can manage it... ” After saying this Frank leave the room and continue what his been doing. 

And at night Diane did all the household chores... Even they can afford to pay for a helper Frank decided not to hire one because they are only two and they can manage it. 

The next morning, Diane woke up realizing the big mess in the kitchen. She wondered her eyes to every area of the kitchen and thought that her big brother has done it, but what else she can do? Frank is gone to school. So, she has no other choice but to clean the house before leaving. 

She appreciates her big brother anyway. Frank tries his best to cook and clean the house but sad to say, he spends much time to his friends compare to his younger sister. 

Diane always does the same routine until one day! 

After school, she heads home straight and opens the room of her big brother and look for her project. She searched everywhere but she couldn't find her project. And she thought, “He forgets my project! I shouldn’t trust him with it in the first place…” she went to her room and recycled whatever needs she will used and collect every money that she earned. 

Mean while… Frank just arrived home. His face is really scary, maybe because he lost the computer game he was addicted to. Diane examined the face of her big bother. 

“Big brother… I needed my project to be submitted tomorrow?” 

“Shut up... Diane will you!!” He exclaimed. 

Diane suddenly trembled, “I will go to the store and by the materials that I will be need …” Diane said in a horrified face. Frank on the other hand did not realize the manner he used. 

On the street, Diane was still shocked, until she accidentally bumps to a scary chubby kid. 

“Give me your money or else I will punch you!!!” said the chubby kid. 

Diane is now trembling in fear and she couldn't understand what the kid in front her saying. All the anger and tiredness strikes to her and she suddenly fell down to the ground. 

Meanwhile in their house, Frank realized that Diane doesn't return home for the couple of hours. He decided to search for his sister. His heart is pounding too fast because he can’t see his sister to every corner of the street and even to her friend’s house. He really plead to God to return Diane home safe but even how much he plead he still cant find her. 
*Photo courtesy of hypervocal.

“I should not allow her to go out alone!! Its my fault not being a responsible brother to my younger sister. Please God return home my sister safe and sound.. I promise I will do my duty in our house and will not go with my friends which really influenced me to do bad.” He silently wished. 

Then their telephone ring and he answered it immediately. 

Upon hearing the message, he rushed out and leaves the house. Frank head straight to the near clinic and found her sister sleeping in the bed. 

“Ma’am… Thank you for saving my sister... I’m the one to blame. I did not take care of my sister.” He said in a very law tone. 

Diane opened her eyes, “Big brother, pl-please allow me to buy the materials for my project.” Diane tried to stand up but she fails to and again she tries and Frank come near her. 

“No!! I will do it for you huh! Please forgive your big brother. I promised I will become more responsible.” The nurse is silently watching over them wearing a happy face with the chubby kid in her side.

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