Guidelines For Submission

Online Creatives is accepting contemporary pieces to be published, here, for the purpose of creating fun in writing; to please people, to inspire and to enlighten and/or to make people happy by reading your submitted "creatives".

You can submit poems, inspirational essays, amazing short stories or interesting unforgettable memories. Written creatives must be in any genre as long as it is encouraging and convincing to get the interest of our beloved readers.

How to Submit?
Please follow the following guidelines for submission:

1. All entries must be originally written from your own subjective creativity. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and not acceptable for submission to Online Creatives.

2. To emphasize avoiding plagiarism, do not copy even single lines from any variant published pieces like in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, pocket books, websites, or any major/minor literary pieces without permission or credits.

3. Submit your entries through inbox by visiting our facebook page (Online Creatives). You may also drop a comment in any of our posted content in our home page.

4. Please note that Online Creatives is a FREE community for creative-artistic and artistic-at-heart individuals, no rewards to be given in return for your submitted entries. This is just a sort of FUN in creative writing to inspire, to make people happy for FREE!

Note: Please include a short bio in you entry. You can use a "pen-name" or your complete name. Make your bio creative and fun! Enjoy...

So, submit your best written literary piece now and have some fun in writing!